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Women in Construction Industry

Celebrating Women in the Construction Industry

Every year, we celebrate Women in Construction week from March 7th to March 13th. At LinqPal, we boast a diverse team of both women and men, and celebrating the accolades and achievements of women is of large importance to us. In this…

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Construction customer experience

How to Provide a Better Customer Experience

Trying to keep up customer retention after a bad experience? Well, it may be too late already. After just one mistake, studies find, customers are ready to abandon your business and find another company that provides the same service. The experience of…

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How to Improve Your Account Receivable Turnover

One of the largest and most pressing issues small businesses face is managing account receivables. Collecting these payments or even making your own on-time payments is often a difficult task. When payments are being completed or collected on time, this can affect…

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Mechanics Lien Construction

Mechanics Lien For Beginners

Perhaps you have heard of a Mechanic’s lien when working on a construction project. Depending on the field and type of work, you may know the term as a “construction lien” or “property lien,” as well. But, what are these documents and…

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COVID-19 Construction Business Finance

COVID-19 and the Construction Industry: Recovery and Relief

In 2020, the world was hit hard by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only did fear and confusion consume people worldwide, they also consumed the enterprise of business. Companies had to close down for what were, at the time, unknown…

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Factoring for Businesses in the Construction Industry

Oftentimes, we are placed in situations where we worry about our customers and clients paying us back. We may need to call multiple times, leave countless voicemail messages, or even track customers down in person just to receive payment. This process is…

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