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We partner with your preferred suppliers to provide you with better payment terms and interest rates that can go as low as 0% for the first month.
Transparent terms and conditions
No sign-up fees, no subscription fees, no surprises. Everything is clear right from the beginning.
No upfront payments
Avoid upfront payments and charges during the first month. LinqPal combines no collateral financing with no upfront or first 30 days payment to create a payment system made for you.
Flexible payment terms
Choose from 30, 60 or 90 day payment options.
No paperwork
Simple, fast, electronic approval. Apply once and take advantage of revolving credit for building supplies.
Easy to use
Join the payment revolution within seconds. All you need is your phone to sign-up. With LinqPal’s Intuitive navigation, no training is required and the platform can be used in store, straight from your phone.Join the payment revolution within seconds. All you need is your phone to sign-up for free. With LinqPal’s Intuitive navigation, no training is required and the platform can be used in store straight from your phone.
Why buy with LinqPal?
Small business credit designed for construction pros
Empowering small businesses to win
Never miss a due date and achieve peace of mind.
Pay when you want and where you want, all with your phone.
Expand your business with extended working capital.
Take on larger and more construction projects.
Improve your cash flow.
Access more deals and material suppliers through the LinqPal community.
Financing made for YOU, pay at your own terms.
How it works
Buy Now, Pay Later
Step 1
Create a free account with LinqPal
Sign up in seconds using your phone number.
Step 2
Add your bank account and preferred method of payment.
Connect your preferred payment methods to your LinqPal account and use them on your phone to pay in-store. No need to read your credit card number over the phone, LinqPal allows you to access all of your payment information from one place.
Step 3
Complete the Credit Application
Provide LinqPal with basic business and contact information. Completing the application does not affect your credit score. LinqPal will promptly notify you of a decision on your application.
Step 4
Buy materials as usual
You can continue to buy materials from your preferred suppliers and pay using LinqPal. When checking out, select your method of payment (i.e. credit card, bank account, or LinqPal credit).
Step 5
When using LinqPal credit, pay back overtime
Choose from net terms of 30, 60, or 90 days. You can pay LinqPal back overtime while buying materials on your schedule.
Questions? We’re here to help.

LinqPal is geared to work for the construction industry. We offer flexible payment options that allow builders to buy materials now and pay later. If you are a small and medium-sized business in the construction industry that buys building materials on a regular basis (i.e. developers, builders, contractors, subcontractors, project managers, interior designers, and architects), LinqPal is for You.

Contractors can sign up for LinqPal on our website. Add any payment card to LinqPal and use LinqPal to pay with a few clicks. You can also apply for LinqPal credit and use revolving credit to buy at building supplies stores. It is free to sign up and use LinqPal.

You will need to submit basic business and personal contact information. LinqPal also requires that you provide information regarding your credit history and standing so that you can be verified for LinqPal credit. Applying does not affect your credit score.

Make a referral and don’t keep LinqPal a secret. We will take it from there by reaching out to your suppliers to partner with them and give you the option to pay with LinqPal at their store.

Yes, we take extra care to make sure that your personal information is safe and secure with LinqPal and we don’t sell our customer data to third parties. For more information, visit LinqPal’s privacy policy.