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The 3 Basic Financial Statements Explained: Made Easy

When evaluating the health and wellness of your business, it is important to remember the various elements that can best help you do this. Ask yourself questions such as “how much is my business spending? What is our total revenue? What does…

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Construction customer experience

How to Provide a Better Customer Experience

Trying to keep up customer retention after a bad experience? Well, it may be too late already. After just one mistake, studies find, customers are ready to abandon your business and find another company that provides the same service. The experience of…

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How to Improve Your Account Receivable Turnover

One of the largest and most pressing issues small businesses face is managing account receivables. Collecting these payments or even making your own on-time payments is often a difficult task. When payments are being completed or collected on time, this can affect…

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Mechanics Lien Construction

Mechanics Lien For Beginners

Perhaps you have heard of a Mechanic’s lien when working on a construction project. Depending on the field and type of work, you may know the term as a “construction lien” or “property lien,” as well. But, what are these documents and…

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COVID-19 Construction Business Finance

COVID-19 and the Construction Industry: Recovery and Relief

In 2020, the world was hit hard by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only did fear and confusion consume people worldwide, they also consumed the enterprise of business. Companies had to close down for what were, at the time, unknown…

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Factoring for Businesses in the Construction Industry

Oftentimes, we are placed in situations where we worry about our customers and clients paying us back. We may need to call multiple times, leave countless voicemail messages, or even track customers down in person just to receive payment. This process is…

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Social Inclusion Working Capital

How Universal Access to Working Capital Enables Social Inclusion

Social inclusion is defined as the process of improving the terms on which individuals and groups take part in society. Businesses can facilitate better social inclusion by extending their entity, growing larger, and creating more opportunities. This topic has become more important…

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Financing Planning Constructin Business

Financial Planning for Small Construction Businesses

Financial planning is critical to every small business. In order to succeed, businesses need to maintain a strong financial muscle and have an understanding of the company’s financial wellbeing. But, still, it becomes extremely easy for businesses to postpone working on and…

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“Buy Now, Pay Later” Financing for Contractors and Suppliers

When starting a new project, contractors must always consider the best way to pay for and finance building materials. They can pay for the total cost of materials at once or use other options like “buy now, pay later”. As the name…

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Debt management Payment LinqPal

The Importance of Debt to Businesses: Healthy and Helpful

Debt is often talked about as something that is bound to negatively affect a company or at least temporarily slow its growth. As a result, people tend to avoid debt completely. This association easily leads people to believe that a business without…

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