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Simplify and automate your construction business’ payments.
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Join our community in a few steps. You can join using a mobile device or computer. We make it simple.
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You don’t need to change a thing! LinqPal allows you to buy from your favorite suppliers and sell to your loyal customers.
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No need to deal with unpaid invoices or chase after overdue payments. Use LinqPal to pay on your phone with just a few taps.
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How to use LinqPal for Suppliers & Distributors
How to use LinqPal for Suppliers & Distributors
Sign up and create a free account with LinqPal.
Fill out your partnership application.
Provide some basic personal and business details to allow LinqPal to verify your account.
Start offering LinqPal financing options to your clients.
We take care of your clients’ applications, making it risk-free for you.
Automate and send invoices via text.
Get paid immediately!
Sell more by accessing LinqPal’s community of builders and contractors.
How to use LinqPal for Builders, Contractors, and Project Managers
Create a free account with LinqPal.
Start buying materials from your favorite suppliers.
Choose your preferred payment method, including LinqPal Credit.
LinqPal Credit allows you to pay for construction materials over time with rates as low as 0%*.
All you have to do is complete an easy application on your phone, without affecting your credit score.
We negotiate with material suppliers to get you the best financing options.
Get your building materials immediately and pay LinqPal later!
Manage all your payments from one place.
How to use LinqPal for Builders, Contractors, and Project Managers
Questions? We’re here to help.

Click here to get started. It is always free to join LinqPal, and it won’t affect your credit score.

Click here to get started. It is always free to join LinqPal. We will ask for some basic information to verify your business. Using this information, LinqPal will review your information and promptly notify you of a decision.

Once approved, you will gain access to a community of local contractors in your area who are using LinqPal. Additionally, LinqPal will allow you to invite your current customers, and your customers can easily buy materials and supplies from your store and pay back over time with credit or pay upfront with cash.

LinqPal credit can be used to directly finance building materials. These options allow you to pay back your credit over the course of either 30, 60, or 90 days. The interest rates will vary depending on the period for which you will pay back your credit. Through LinqPal, credit can be accessed quickly when you need it, which is different from most traditional loans.

Easy, refer your supplier. We will get in touch and work with them to offer you financing.